Monday, June 25, 2012

365 Sketches

Based on a photography from Tustel Ico

So, from today and the next 364 days, I will post at least one drawing or sketch, or else I will have to buy lunch for my friend.
365 Sketches is project (I prefer the word 'idea' because this is not really a project. It's more like a marathon) my friend Tiffany and I have came up.

Here's the Rules:

1. Make at least one sketch a day and post it/them on the blog
2. If the person miss a day, that person will buy lunch for the other person (very effective way to keep lazy people like me motivated)
3. If we happen to be on a plan or trap in a dark forest with no internet access, we will need to inform the other person and catch up the delayed posts as soon as internet is available.

and here is my friend's Tiup Corner


  1. Woo! So fast! You did this right after you got back from school? Im still working on mine now

  2. i like the 'marathon' word! Yeah, you're right project its not that fit for this idea.

    1. We should call it a marathon then.