Friday, July 27, 2012

336 Sketches

This is Jiufen in Taiwan. I have been there a couple times but that was a long time ago. I remember the stairs and little toy shops and snack shops beside the path. (or I could be just dreaming. You know when you get to certain age your memories become less reliable. That's what happened, you start to combine different things into one thing, very confusing.)

The shop owner would place the toys in front of the opening, and me as a six years old child would grab one of the toys and start playing with it for who knows how long.
This place is also where the street scene in Spirite Away is based on. Next time when I go back to I'm going to visit it again to refresh my memories.
recognize any of those toys?


  1. I wanna go there. I didnt know about this place, is it famous? I've been to Taiwan but never been there

    1. It's one of the tourist stop. I can take you there next time when you come to Taiwan :D

  2. It's so pretty~:)(This is Sunny btw~)