Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This is so far my best work. I have mastered the harmony of the colours and the flow of the lines that you can't even detect my drawing.

I'm joking. I have been defeated by my laziness. I shall post my drawing tomorrow night, promise...? Going for mountain hiking tomorrow, so I'll see how my condition is when I get back.  Where is my dignity? 


  1. Ahhahahahahahaha
    or shellsyou are sooo funny;D
    have fun at hiking and becareful!

  2. Hahaha! I thought there's something wrong with my computer. Nice work man!

    Be careful when hiking =D

  3. Thanks! and I finished the whole 2.9-kilometre trail! I got a little lightheaded at first because I was going too fast so I end up resting for every...or last than 50 steps. It took me 1:50 hours to finish it. Good to be away from my computer.

    1. That sounds like awesome getaway from computer;) It sounds amazing..!