Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chicago International Film Festival: 38-39˚c

Last Friday I went to see the 48th Chicago International Film Festival, Screening animation shorts - Blurring the Lines. I like most of them but I'm going to talk about one particular one called 38-39˚c made by Kangmin Kim. I was doing some research on the making of this film and found his other projects. I watched a couple of his timelapes videos (how the film was made) and I'm thinking...I kind of want to go to CalArts to learn what they have there in the experimental animation department. I'm seriously thinking about taking my MFA there.

The film is on his Vimeo now

Side notes: It was raining on Friday night and during the middle of the screening, the theater ceiling started to pour water in above the back row seats. It happen during the end of Oh Willy (another good shorts). The water made funny sounds.  At first I thought the sound was part of the film, but it was coming from behind. So I thought, "Oh, they got really nice stereo," then I saw people getting out of the back row seats and I figured.


  1. Man cool story... There is graduate school portfolio day every year, I'm I'm going to one on this November. And cal arts r on the list so you should look in to it when the time comes.

    1. Oh! you are right! I totally forgot about the portfolio day! Is there one in November? I know yesterday they have one but I missed it. Do you know where to find the date?

    2. The one yesterday was for highschool students. you didn't miss any. the one on NOV 11th is for people who are persuing graduate student.

      here's the link and you should sign up for it..!!