Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ambient/Background Sound

This is my work in progress sound sample for an experimental animation I'm working on now.
I mixed the sound using Soundtrack Pro and GarageBand (mostly Soundtrack Pro, and that program crashed my Macbook computer have some issues before so I can't really blame it all on the program)

My scanner at home is not working so I haven't upload any storyboards but I will do that soon. I'm changing my Balloon story to a completely different one. I feel like I'm finally heading in the right direction with my story (after throwing out the entire story). It's no longer about the balloon but the idea is the same.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My First Sound Mix on GarageBand

 This my first time mixing song in GarageBand. Fun~
and another one

Graduate Portfolio Day

I always want to do paintings and illustrations in the film industry but I never thought of myself becoming an animator or a filmmaker. I remember three years ago, I attended National Portfolio day at Emily Carr University and the two schools I spoke to, one of it is CalArts. When I applied for college I decided not to apply for CalArts because I wanted to do fine art. I wanted to be an conceptual artist. I wanted to be a painter. I chose SAIC because they have great fine art department.
I got in, and after a year of being hammered with all the conceptual ideas from the school, I realized...I hate conceptual art. It's fun to think conceptually once in a while but not so fun to do it for the rest of my life. (Though, I still love painting)

Today I spoke to CalArts again for their Graduate Experimental Animation Program. (This is coming back to full circle!!) They told me I need more experimental things. I have mostly traditional paintings and traditional 2D animations so it is an expected suggestion.
I always feel like I have to choose between painting and animation.It's like asking people if you want water or food. I need them both.
I'm going to take experimental animation in my seiner year and really pump my portfolio up.

btw. Tiffany is finally back to blogging after 3 months break! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Zoetrope: Where did go?

Remember the Zoetrope I mention about this summer
October 27, 2012 Our Summer Zoetrope Team went Redmoon Theater's Boneshaker Halloween Party and found out that our hard works was destroyed....
Thanks to Kye Kim, she has a recording of the zoetrope from summer.

Though it is sad but we had a great time during this summer internship. 


Those sketches will possibly become the preproduction materials for my graduation thesis film. I temporary named the film The Box. 

ignore left side of the page

The idea comes from my daily observation of people on the bus and train. Every morning when I chased up my bus, I see half of the people looking down at their phone, iPad, Kindle, Galaxy or Nook and they never look up. The don't turn their head, they don't look out the window, they don'e talk to the people around. I find that odd. What it is like 20 years ago when there is no mobile device? Are they closer to each other?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cat Soup

I need to catch up my updates! Has been busy last week!
Cat Soup (ねこぢる草) is a very bizarre and surreal animation made by Tatsuo Sato and I love it because it is so WEIRD.
It's around half hour long and people have posted the full film on Vimeo.

BTW Wreck-It Ralph is great. It is better than I expected