Sunday, December 23, 2012

Laugh of the Day: Quote from Animator's Survival Kit

I bought this book a while ago but I never got the chance to read it until this winter. Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams. It is really a book that all animators should read.
I happened to come across a passage he wrote that is so genuine and true that it makes me laugh.

"Some animators want to save themselves a lot of the work so they draw very rough. ('Ruff' - they don't even want to spend the time spelling 'rough'. Too many letters in it to waste our valuable time... ) And they leave lots and lots of work for the assistances.

I've never understood why some people in animation are so desperate to save work. If you want to save work, what on earth are you doing in animation? It's nothing but work!" (99)

It is funny because I often try to find ways to save work.  I guess I need to change my attitude. There is no other way round or short cut to make good animation; like it or not, it's lots and lots of work. My favorite part of animating is when I shoot my pencil test and see my drawing moving. But what really keeps me going is when I'm sitting in my classroom with my friends, bathing our faces with the light from florescent bulbs, cutting our noses while flipping the papers and laughing at how ridiculous and crazy we are to choose to be an animator. Really, anyone who have done animation understand the tedious process of inbetweening and cleaning up.

It's too late for me to turn back and I don't want to turn back. Animation it is.

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