Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Storying Boarding

It occurred to me on countless times when I looked at someone else's brilliant works, then looked at my own work, and I thought: "What the heck have I been doing in art school...can't even draw a figure properly."
This happens to me more often when I'm storyboarding. Storyboarding is about clarity and simplicity. Sounded simple, but I struggled. My respect for storyboard artist and cinematographer has centuple since I start doing storyboard myself. When doing storyboard, I need to think about the actings the camera movements, shot angle, composition, the storyline (I'm writing my own story) and clarity. With so many things going on at once, I cannot put my 100 % concertation on the slick quality of my drawings. My figures usually end up looking like bacteria cells.
thumbnail SB for The Wolf and the Crane fable 
When I do my panels I would try to sketch down as fast as possible and revised it again and again.

If you look at Disney and Pixar's SB, or if you go on Google search for "storyboard", the drawings all look clean and beautiful. This is because the drawings have been revised for more than one time.
I learn that from the "Extra" in A Cat in Paris DVD.

In the "Extra" it shows both the thumbnail SB and the final SB side by side. The thumbnail SB looks just like me rough SB. So, don't feel discorage when we see other people's brilliant works. We can do it too!

This is a good song."Story Board" by The Album Leaf (one of my favorite instrumental band)

Story Board by The Album Leaf on Grooveshark

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