Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digital Painting: Beware, Colors on Screens

I started doing digital painting last summer and I have improved a lot. I love doing it, but even till now I still do not feel comfortable drawing on tablet or Cintiq. I become extremely fussy about the texture, the look of the brushstrokes and so many more. Sometimes, I could not even put a single stroke down. This is very very frustrating. I feel freer when I'm using pastel or pencil on paper.
I try to find brushes that have simular texture to real world medium.
(Study of filme still from City of Ember ) This one looks better on Cintiq screen
Digital painting has another characteristic that is both a disadvantage and an advantage.
Right now I'm looking at the this painting on two different screens.  This is what I see: The image on the left screen looks greener compared to the image on the right. So with different computer screens, the colors are going to look different. I never thought about it until couple hours ago I moved my painting to another screen. (Wow)
This one looks good on a mac but looks over saturated on Cintiq 
However this can be fix in less than a minute by adjusting color balance, contrast or levels (This is the trick for digital painting. I often have to increase the contrast of my painting because I am too timid to put down bold colors)

Back to my own computer, now I feel like the second image is a little over saturated...

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