Monday, April 22, 2013

Chicago Latino Film Festival

I just came back from the theater. The Chicago Latino Film Festival is screening animation Buenos Aires Anima (Argentina), directed by María Verónica Ramírez and Tintico's Afternoon (Mexico) directed by Alejandro García Caballero.

Buenos Aires Anima has 4 short animations, each is created by different team. The whole project took 6 years to complete. The first animation, is the one I enjoy the most. (one with guggenheim supermarket)

I really like Tintico's Afternoon because it is using a simular technique I'm using for my current film. The POV view of the flying fly is fantastic. It makes me feel dizzy in the theater but what a wonderful effect! This film is a great reference for me to make my animation.  I also like the sound too, lovely, lovely.

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