Monday, May 6, 2013

Scatter Hoarding

I just remember the password for my ancient Wordpress page. The Scatter Hoarding blog. I put anything that interested my on that blog: artists, games, films, musicians, Ads, and whatever that looks cool.

It is a site I want to publish publicly but never did. Maybe I will this summer. When I can go back and finish the contents.

In freshman, I promised my professor that I will have a blog that I routinely update. At last, I did it. This Blogger blog is  my first "active" blog. I never thought I would be able to keep it up. (Cheers to Tiffany and Kye, you guys have been very supportive in the beginning and until now.) This whole thing started  out as 365 Sketches project Tiff and I came up with last summer. We looked at other people's blogs and we envied their drawings. "How are we ever going to be able to draw like them?!"  We came up with the idea of posting sketches everyday and improve our drawing skills.
We were supposed to post for 365 days. We mange to carry on the project for a month. But then school started and we got distracted. Though I'm not posing everyday anymore, I'm still sketching everyday and keeping track of the number to complete the 365 project.
Specking of that,

I drew this last week. This is number 305 (counting backward)
I'm going back to traditional oil paint next semester. Getting paints all over my hands and mix paint with my fingers gives me the illusion that I'm an experience painter.  Mixing linseed oil and turpenoid makes me feel like a chemist, makes me

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