Saturday, January 30, 2016

So I have a pen

池上- Chishang
我們前一天借了腳踏車騎了一天 ,隔天一大早上又回到這洗衣亭畫畫 
(因為要趕 10:30 a.m. 的火車所以沒辦法回伯朗大道畫)

After biking around Chishang for a day, we came back to the pavilion (originally used for washing clothes) the next morning to paint. Since we had to catch the train, we didn't have time to visit Mr. Brown Avenue again. It is a really beautiful place to visit.

Off to a different city.

高雄駁二藝術特區 Now&Then- Pier-2 Art Center 
Pier-2 Art Center used to be (well, as the name suggested) a pier. Now being repurposed into art galleries, designer shops and restaurants.

 台南奇美博物館- ChiMei Museum
privately owned museum 

 台北國立故宮博物院- National Palace Museum


 三水市場- Traditional Market

From my point of view, traditional market is a very curious place.
Maybe because I went there in the afternoon, only a few people could be seen shopping around.
"How are they making any money?" I thought.
After a couple hours of observation, I realized here is a place for the elders to social.
First, the neighbor from the side brought in some sausages; then the neighbor from across came to chat with us.
Maybe more people come in the morning to shop.