Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cabinet Logic

How you put things on the shelves depend on a lot of factors. By weight, size, color, importance et cetera.

In a studio I visited at Brewery District there is a cabinet with 3 shelves. The top shelf has mostly small glass bottles no bigger than few inches tall. The second shelf has bottles of paints. The bottom shelf are filled with hand tools use for crafting jewelry. On the floor are jars and cans of solvents. This mundane cabinet doesn't seem that interesting to strangers but if you were the owner. You must have at least thought about how to organized your things right?

The logic behind the placement: Solvents are dangerous os they go on the floor. It wouldn't cause much problem spilling them on the floor. Hand tools go on bottom shelf because they are the heaviest. Little bottles go on the top shelf because they are the lightest and easies to get lost. You will notice most of our precious small collections are placed around eye level if not higher than our eye level, unless they are stored in a bigger container. Then there left the middle shelf. paints go in the middle shelf.

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