Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Side by Side

I recently discovered a documentary called "Side by Side." 

I think film is better than digital. I value film because the images are made from psychical contact with light. It stored much more information than digital camera we can build now.
What fascinates me with film camera is its mechanics, with digital camera that element is kind of...lost.

There is German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum) in Frankfurt I really enjoyed the last time I visited. It has a collection of objects that creates illusion of space and movements.  Visitors are welcome interact with the objects.

Perhaps I am a little close minded. Yet, I always imagine in the future, we will no longer be looking at a flat screen but walk inside a virtual reality space where you become present in the events. A bit like this experimental piece "In The Eyes Of The Animals" (or ever scarier completely simulated in your head like dreams). We are already seeing some of the technology been development like the Oculus glasses. If this vision ever became true, cinema form will be completely different. All the knowledge on cinematography, composition, editing and lighting we have now that are based on creating illusion of three dimensional space on flat space will need to adopt to the change. 

At the end I wish film will not be a dead form of art in the future. 

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