Friday, May 26, 2017

Two Sides of A Coin: Night Street of Snack

I actually did a couple versions of lighting scenario for this scene and I'm posting this one because it got finished first. The final painting for the daytime painting (colorkey from last week) will be posted next week

Updates: This is the first night lighting I did. It didn't feel right.

So I put it aside and made a second one which is closer to the mood I'm aiming for.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Two Sides of A Coin: Street of Snack

This is based on a sketch I did in 2016 at Ximending. In fact, that sketch has inspired the development of the project Two Sides of A Coin.  I took the sketch, not knowing what it's going to be, made a layout out of it. At the time I thought "Let's try Tekkonkinreet style." It ended up being a piece I'm particularly proud of and it has so much potential I knew I need to take it further. 

colorkey test

This is the sketch. A view sitting at the top floor of KFC

Friday, May 12, 2017

Two Sides of A Coin: Alley

I already have in mind what this scene is going to look like. At least half of the frame is going to be in the dark, creating a focus right below the fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light is a cool light which enhances the feeling of isolation.   

lighting process

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Two Sides of A Coin: Alley Line drawing

I want the scene to feel lonely and a bit pathetic as the main character washes the dishes after business hours. The designs are referenced from Taiwanese's traditional market. Usually the markets are located in the alleyways or narrow streets so cars won't be able to enter. They are dark and a bit dirty and sometimes smell fishy (literally) because all the foods are layout in the open air at room temperature. (I don't know about the seafood but vegetables are usually fresh, kind of like farmers market) People who do buy food regularly at traditional market always visit early. 

The roofs are covered with metal sheets so the rain won't pour down during the regular afternoon thunderstorm.